Discount on your new bike or e-bike

Maastricht Bereikbaar, together with a selection of expert bike dealers in south Limburg, have composed an interesting discount for your new bike or e-bike. You receive the following benefits:

7,5% discount On the retail price (minimum of € 500,-.)
Free - Setup service, the bike is ready to go
- First maintenance after 3 months (not including wear and tear of parts)
- Second maintenance after 15 months (not including wear and tear of parts)
50% discount  On an ABUS IVEN or IVY chain lock or a similar chain lock.
Discount on an insurance Ask your bike dealer what the posibilities are.

Do you want to buy a bike or e-bike with discount? Request your discount voucher by logging into your account. You can redeem the voucher at one of the participating bike dealers.


Have you not participated in 'Ontdek de e-bike'?

Are you employed at a partner of Maastricht Bereikbaar and you want a bike or e-bike for commuting from and to work? Request your discount voucher by using the button on the right, you will be promted to fill in your travel profile.  

If you are not sure your employer is a Maastricht Bereikbaar partner, please visit the partner summary.

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Conditions and validity

You are required to purchase a bike or e-bike within 6 months after requesting your discount voucher. The voucher can be redeemed at one of the participating dealers. The discount is not compatible with:

- other discounts and/or special offers at the dealers
- a trade-in of your second hand bike or e-bike
- other bike projects



The e-bike is becoming increasingly popular with a wider audience. Where the e-bike was primarily for the over-50s, we see that the use of an e-bike now also focuses on commuter traffic and school students. The share of e-bikes in our mobility is increasing. However, the theft of e-bikes is increasing every year, for this reason more and more e-bikes are insured against theft. In addition there are additional matters that can be arranged in the insurance, namely: damage (all risk), breakdown service, bicycle or recovery assistance and insurances. Also pay attention to the fact that extra requirements apply for high speed e-bikes.