Distribution point Cycle Center

At our distribution point you can try an e-bike for free. When using our distribution point (check our opening hours), you have to pickup and return the bike yourself at our location in Maastricht.
Registration is easy. Click 'participate', fill in the form and make you reservation.

Has your employer informed you about 'Ontdek de E-bike'? Then first visit the employer programme page to register for pickup at your employers address. If your employer is not listed feel free to participate for pickup at Cycle Center.


- You're employed and your work or home address is located in the town of Maastricht.
- You mainly* commute by car. 
  (* Mainly is regarded by 'Ontdek de e-bike' at least 50% of all your cummuting is done by car).

If you meet this conditions, you are eligable to try an e-bike for free at our distribution point.

In the period from now until February 2019, no e-bikes are available at out Distribution Point.
The e-bike will be used at the Winter Action of Maastricht Bereikbaar.


Available types off e-bikes 

Foto Sparta E-speed M8B E-bike

Sparta E-speed M8B