Frequently asked questions

I would like to discover an e-bike, what should I do?

You can try an e-bike via your employer or via our Distribution Point. The registration page shows the participating employer. Is your employer not listed? You can try our Distribution Point Cycle Center and accept the conditions. After registration you can make a reservation and choose your favorite e-bike.

Is the trial free?

Yes, the trial week is completely free.

What conditions should I accept to participate?

We only ask you to agree to our terms and conditions regarding the product and your privacy to clarify our service. Important to note is that there is a deductable when you cause any damage to the e-bike. 

Which brands are available?

We offer several types of e-bikes. We provide differtent types at every employer. When you login to the booking system you can see which e-bikes your employer offers. Are you a participant at our Distribution Point? You can see at our website the available types of e-bikes.

Can I try all brands?

No, that's not possible. We want to give you an experience to discover the bennefits of an e-bike. Want to try out more different e-bikes or get advice about which one is best for you? We can provide information about local dealers.

Is the e-bike insured?

Yes, all our e-bikes are insured. When intentional infliction of injury, the insurance will not operate. All costs will be shifted to the causer of the damage (Max € 25,-). See the section 'Damage, breakdown or theft' how to handle if this does occur.

Is my employer participating?

Our website has an overview of all participating employers. Is your employer mentioned here, you can subscribe directly.

How long can I try an e-bike?

You can try 1 e-bike for 1 week.

How long can I try an e-bike?

You can try 1 e-bike for 1 week.

What is 'distribution point Cycle Center'?

It's the name for our location in Maastricht for bike pickup and returns. Also you're welcome for technical assistance during your trail period. 

Who can use an e-bike from the distribution point?

You have to positively comply to the following conditions:

  • you are an employee
  • you live or work in Maastricht
  • you travel by car to your work
How do I book an e-bike?

To make a reservation, you need an account. You can create your account to subscripe at your employers at our website or to participate at our Distribution Point. After registration you can login en make a reservation.

How can I edit / delete my reservation?

You can find your reservation in the Reservations menu at 'My reservation'". Click [Edit] and your reservation appears. You can now change or delete your reservation.

Why do I sign a loan agreement?

During the trial you are responsible for the e-bike and accessories. The loan form discribes the materials you are about to received and with your signature you conform you actualy received it.

All e-bikes in the overview at reservations ar red, what now?

This means that all e-bikes are reserved. Unfortunately, you can not make reservation.

Can I make more than 1 reservation?

No, that is not possible unless the system indicates otherwise.

I choose the wrong e-bike, what now?

You first have to cancel your existing reservation. Than make another reservation at the correct e-bike.

Employer participation: Where can I pick up my e-bike?

You can find the e-bikes at your employer. Upon booking you will be informed about the exact location. Still unclear? More information can be obtained from the company manager.

What should I bring to the pick-up location?

Bring a signed loan form and a valid proof of identity.

Where is the distribution point Cycle Center?

The distribution point is our shop at: Sint Gerardusweg 40 in Maastricht.

What are the opening hours of the distribution point?

Cycle Center is opened from thuesday to friday from 10:00 to 17:00h (November untill April). Check our website for the actual opening hours.

When should I return the e-bike?

Your reservation contains these information and you will recieve an email 2 days before end-time trail period. 

How long does charging my battery take?

On average charging to 100% takes 5 hours. This time can change depends on the battery's capacity. You can see the battery's status on the display of some of the e-bikes depending on brand.

How far can I go with a fully charged battery?

The distance you can bike depends on the level of assistance, wind, hills, shifting and speed. In average settings the radius is a minimum of 60 kilometres. When the battery dies, you can still use the e-bike as a regular bike.

How can I charge the battery?

You can charge the battery at every conventional (Dutch) power outlet (220V/230V). How long it takes depends on the battery's capacity. The charger is provided in the bike's bag. Always charge the battery somewhere dry, your home is the best place for this.

What should I do when the e-bike stops working?

Call our servicedesk (085-73 25 666).

What should I do if my e-bike is damaged?

Call our servicedesk (085-73 25 666).

What should I do when the e-bike breaks down on the road?

Call our servicedesk (085-73 25 666). In many cases we will pick you up or arrange a replacement e-bike.

What should I do when my e-bike gets stolen?

First call our servicedesk (085-73 25 666). Then make sure you have a formal police report ant the keys of the bike.

Our helpdesk will send you a instruction manual on how to go about.

Can I get a replacement e-bike when mine breaks down or gets stolen?

Yes, on certain conditions we will provide a replacement e-bike.

I live across the border, do I get roadside assistance?

Yes, we will check your location and, if applicable, we offer our services up to 30 kilometres across the border, free of charge.

I would love to buy en e-bike, what now?

You tried an e-bike and considers to buy one? Before you spend your money please let our selected e-bike dealers inform you about the possibilities. They have a good view of the opportunities and developments in the market.

What is your discount offer?

Check our website for our discount offer.

Who is eligable for the purchase discount?

You are eligable if 1) you have participated 'Ontdek de e-bike' or 2) you are an employee of a Maastricht Bereikbaar Partner.

What should I do to use the purchase discount?

Via our discount page simply click request voucher. You can redeem the voucher when you order the bike at the selected bike dealer.

Which types of bike are eligable for the discount voucher?

You can use the discount voucher for the purchase of any bike, e-bike or high speed e-bike. There are two conditions: 1) you're purchasing a new bike you will be using  for your commute from and to work and 2) the retailprice of the desired bike is € 500 or more.

Attention: Insurance proposition ENRA does not cover mountainbikes and racebikes.

Why do I need to register to obtain a discount voucher?

We need your information to validate that you are employed with one of the partner organisations and to send you your discount voucher.

Where can I purchase a bike or E-bike using the discount voucher?

Purchasing the bike or ebike can be arranged via one of our expert local bike dealers.

For how long is the discount voucher valid?

It's valid for a maximum of 6 months.

Can I also use the discount voucher for a collegue, friend or familymember?

No, your vouchernumber is linked to you as a person and can only be used once.

What are the conditions for the discount offer?

You are required to purchase a bike or e-bike within 6 months after requesting your discount voucher. The voucher can be redeemed at one of the participating dealers. Before you buy an e-bike, always check HRM department which arrangements are available.

The discount is not compatible with:
- other discounts and/or special offers at the dealers
- a trade-in of your second hand bike or e-bike
- other bike projects (such as NFP or Forenzo)

Do I have to insure the bike or e-bike that I purchase?

You don't but we do advise you to, however.

I lost my discount voucher!

Please contact our service nr.: +31 (0)85 73 25 666 or

I have difficulties regarding request of an discount voucher. What should I do?

Please contact us directly at our service desk: +31 (0) 85 73 25 666 or