Trial over? Buy an e-bike

We hope your e-bike trial week convinced you! An e-bike also provides the perfect way to avoid morning traffic as well as being a healthier alternative to your car.

Are you thinking of purchasing an e-bike? Our team is happy to provide tips and information about what's important to keep in mind and which propositions there are in the market to enjoy a discount.


Take your time for a test drive

There are loads of different brands and models available, and only by trying the different types you can find out which one works best for you. Your local bike dealer is the best source of information. You can find a list of participating dealers here.


Obtain crucial information

There are several options available for your e-bike, depending on your personal preference. This includes types of propulsion systems, the amount of gears and how far you can go without charging. Provide your dealer with your preferences so he can find a suitable option for you. In preparation for your visit to the dealer, this BOVAG checklist is helpfull.


Buy close to home

The best place to buy an e-bike is at a specialist dealer close to your home. A specialist provides high-quality service if the bike stops working or something needs to be replaced or repaired.

Ready to buy one?

Maastricht Bereikbaar, together with a selection of the best bike dealers in south Limburg, have composed an interesting discount offer for your new bike or e-bike.

  • 7,5% discount off retail prices
  • Delivery service and two maintenance checkups for free
  • 50% off an extra chain lock
  • A special discount on ENRA insurance

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